Interview One World One Heart 

Interview van Franca Guiliani met Annelies Bretveld voor Clearing Community One World One Heart, dec 2020.


Annelies Bretveld is living in The Netherlands and Franca Giuliani in New Jersey, USA. Over the years, these two experienced clearers have met several times at clearing retreats. A while ago, they asked each other the same questions to share in more details how they practice clearing. Next part is the interview of Franca with Annelies.

Wat is jouw kleur?

When was the first time you heard about clearing?

“My ten year old daughter came to me and said that she was afraid of ghosts in our house. So, I arranged to have our house cleared by Juno Burger. That space clearing was a special experience for the whole family. After the clearing of our house, my husband experienced the house much lighter than before. For the first time in years, the guinea pigs of my son were not nervous but calm. My daughter felt much better and wasn’t afraid anymore. And I saw and experienced the lightness during and after the clearing!”

What made you start clearing yourself, others and spaces?

“I realized that clearing makes a difference. After my first experience with the house clearing, I attended a clearing workshop. I loved the silence and the concentration. I could easily feel it and wanted to experience more about this magic field.” 

How do you apply clearing in your life?

“I use clearing on a daily base in my personal and professional life. 

In my personal life, I use clearing at the start of the day, to become aware of myself, my body, my environment. I release (a part of) the stress of my children when they have an exam or a test at school and I clear the people around me, like my dearest friends and family when they are in trouble or could need some help.
Since I began clearing, my life has changed. The relationship with my parents, my husband, my children and people around me became better. And last but not least: I became more patient, less angry and more compassionate to other people!

Regarding my professional life, I am an interior designer and feng shui consultant. In the beginning, about eight years ago, I saw energy (space) clearing as a nice addition to my other services because I could do more for people with a problem concerning their home. At that time, clearing was a separate service. After a while, I experienced that clients (and I!) became more interested in the clearing part and a new service was born: a combination of space clearing and feng shui advice. In this combined consult, the quality and the flow of the energy in a house will be brought in balance. Over the years, space clearing became more and more important in my business. Instead of an additional separate service, clearing became an essential part of my work and it is often the start of a project. When working with a new client, I begin with an energy scan and then very often a space clearing is the next step.

Another part of my work is giving workshops in personal clearing and courses in space clearing. Live and online. In a one-day workshop participants learn what clearing is and how they can practice it. The next step for the enthusiastic clearers is to learn how to clear the environment in a four-day space clearing course.” 

Why and how did you start giving workshops and courses? 

“Before working as an interior designer and feng shui consultant, I was a lecturer. I always liked teaching people and standing for groups. That was the most important reason for me to start giving workshops. At first, I organized feng shui and Nine Star Ki workshops. It took a while before I had enough confidence to teach personal clearing workshops, together with my colleague clearer Jacky Rademakers. Before starting my thought were that clearing is less concrete and therefore more difficult to explain. However, during the first workshop we gave, there was no problem at all with the explanation of clearing! Jacky and I became enthusiastic and a lot of workshops and courses later, we still are enjoying giving these clearing workshops.”

How do you explain clearing to someone who has never heard of it? 

“I  always say that clearing is a very easy and simple way of releasing stress. Everyone can understand that! The next question which often arises is: how do you do it? My answer is: ‘I listen and focus on my body instead of focusing on my head.’ That’s all. Everyone can learn it!”

What is your favorite part of clearing?

“Space clearing is my favorite! When I am clearing a house or a building, it feels like being one with the environment. It is a quiet place to be in and the only thing I have to do is to feel, to notice the experience, nothing more. I cannot think when I am in that place, so it is very relaxing. For me, that is the nicest way of being.”

Which clearing for someone had the most impact on you and on the other?

“I did a space clearing for a family with a son who didn’t dare to sleep in his own bed for years. While doing the clearing it became clear – for me and the family – that there was a lot of charge in the room of the boy. Even though it took some time for the energy to settle, six weeks later the boy slept in his own bed every night without being scared. It was an impressive experience for me and for the family.”

How important is a clearing community for you? 

“Very much. It makes me feel connected. The community is a big family, with some very close friends nearby and others at a distance.  When a challenge occurs, the clearing family, spread all over the world, is there to help. And, just like a real family, our clearing community is growing.”